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Jack Phoenix leads an ordinary but miserable life. However, his fragile mind holds the key to the Omniconscious, where powerful forces are waiting to tear at the fabric of reality.


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1.500: "Familiar Faces" (Part 1)
"As Haven and the Explorer approach their fated meeting, Traveler and Joey Prime proceed with their plan and stumble on various mysteries."
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In The Spotlight!

As of July 15, Comatose is featured in the Spotlight section on Smack Jeeves!

I honestly can't believe this is happening and I am really glad the comic has been noticed.

Many thanks to all those who have been following thus far and helping me propel the story forward and getting it to more audience!

Special thanks to melaredblu, forgottencake and Serapheil. Comatose wouldn't have been where it is without your support.

Wally out!

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